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Top Seven Reasons to Have a Home Security System Monitored by ADT

There are many reasons as to why going with an authorized ADT Dealer SafeStreetsUSA and a security system monitored by ADT can be beneficial to you and your family. These days, the unfortunate fact is that home burglaries and break-ins are occurring in increasingly large instances. Even the seemingly safest of residential neighborhoods these days fall victim to criminals. Fortunately, by having a quality security system with advanced technology in place, home owners everywhere can enjoy additional peace of mind in knowing that their properties are safeguarded against not only burglars, but fire, natural disasters, and even carbon monoxide gas. Here are just seven main reasons as to why you may want to consider having a home security system installed in your home:

  • With SafeStreetsUSA, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you will be confident in your system before you spend any money on it.
  • Systems come with the option of innovative technology, which allows you to enjoy complete, comprehensive home security without needing to have a landline telephone. These days, an increasing number of home owners have decided to get rid of their home phone lines and use a cell phone as their main phone line instead; this technology makes it possible to use your cell phone rather than a landline for your security system.
  • ADT has established ties with over 38,000 medical, fire, and police agencies across the nation.] Once a security threat arises, ADT will dispatch a local emergency service to get your family the necessary assistance.
  • There are already millions of homeowners across the country who trust top-rated security monitoring companies to help keep their homes secure and their families safe. Why not become the next person to put their trust in a security system and enjoy the peace of mind?
  • In the event of an emergency at your home, the unique Two-Way Voice feature that comes with these security systems will allow you to actually speak one-on-one with an ADT security professional so that you can receive the guidance and assistance that you need until help arrives.
  • ADT has four monitoring centers around the country to ensure that your call is relayed efficiently, regardless of outages due to call volume or weather.
  • Security systems from top-rated security monitoring companies come with only the latest in technology, so you can rest assured that the equipment installed at your home will be top-of-the-line and that it is built to last.